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HypnoBIrthing English birth prep Berlin


In my HypnoBirthing group classes it is important that we are small groups and practice relaxation each time


A birth is an intimate act. My kind of birth preparation reflects this.
In a trusting atmosphere you deepen your trust with relaxation techniques.
Through this relaxation, your mind and body memory learn particularly intensively.
During the birth you will have everything you need.
I am always open for questions.


What pregnant women learn…

You learn to trust your body, to admire it and to admire yourself in your nature + You learn how to change your fears into knowledge, you learn to relax + you learn to read your body and follow your body + you learn to use your breath + you learn self-hypnosis + you learn to know your wishes + you learn to express your wishes + you learn to respond to your needs in pregnancy and birth You learn to be in connection with your baby and yourself + You learn to take time for yourself + You learn the birth process + You learn your personal best birth positions + You learn to surrender



What parents learn…

You learn to understand each other as parents + You learn to take time for your baby + You learn to take time for yourselves as a couple + You learn to engage with each other + You learn to know your own way of communicating and to use it for the birth + You learn to relax together + You learn to spend time breathing together + You learn to make decisions + You learn all about birth signs & know the birth process.



What expectant fathers / co – mothers learn…

You learn to trust the mother-to-be + You learn about your possibilities to support the mother-to-be in the best possible way during pregnancy + You learn about your possibilities to support the pregnant woman during birth + You know how to produce as much endorphin release as possible in the pregnant woman during birth
+ You learn to take care of yourself + You learn to read and fulfil the signs and needs of the expectant mother + You learn to know and appreciate your space in the growing family bond


Time for a Girlstalk


In the HypnoBirthing Couples Course, I have included a small amount of Girlstalk, which is a “normal” at the HypnoBirthing Women’s Courses; women amongst themselves.
For 30 minutes, just us women get together and talk amongst ourselves, while the men buy their wives a delicious “coffee” or snack from the surrounding cafes and bakeries, while having time to share themselves.
(If the partner is a woman, she can of course also take part in Girlstalk).
Girlstalk topics are particularly intimate: “How does my baby get through my vagina?” / perineal protection / perineal massage / pelvic floor skills.


HypnoBirthing in my studio
12 Hours / 4 appointments  each 3 hours + handouts +  Audiomeditationen
early bird / 21. before first appointment  / 399 € + 19 % MwSt
slow bird / 20 – 0 before first appointment / 440 € + 19% MwSt


HypnoBirthing English course in Berlin 2024
birth preparation


January 2024

HypnoBirthing Online birth prep English
thursday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
11.1. + 18.1. + 25.1. + 1.2.2024



June/Juli 2024

HypnoBirthing birth prep English
thursday 10 a.m. t0 1 p.m.
20..6. + 27.6. + 4.7. + 11.7.2024


August 2024

HypnoBirthing Online birth prep English
thursday 10.a.m. to 1. p.m.m
8.8. + 15.8. + 22.8. + 29.8.2024