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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Let’s get start in aware positiv way for calmful, self determined birth

Pregnancy is a sensitive time of great changes in the body and the psyche.
If you want to prepare yourself optimally and lovingly for the birth, my HypnoBirthing birth preparation is just the right thing for you!
You train your tools for birth already during pregnancy and become more and more an expert in deepest relaxation every time you do HypnoBirthing exercises.


Scientifically proven
Relaxation & confidence are the basis of birth

One of my favourite affirmations for birth is:
“I leave the birthing to my womb”.
The female body opens up during a birth. Mind, body and the emotions become well attuned to each other through the HypnoBirthing course and work harmoniously together.
You use these hypno harmonic moments, a kind of self-hypnosis, already during the course and deepen them with every practice at home. On the path of relaxation you become a true expert for a gentle, trusting birth and at the same time control your body by letting go.
Your uterus intuitively knows what it is doing.
The best support is to let it relax and send oxygen regularly.
That’s what you’ll learn in my HypnoBirthing course.


Taking your time – an important topic also during birth

The time of a course is very relaxing.
The most pleasant way of preparing for birth is HypnoBirthing.
I give all my course participants the following for further practice at home:

Access to various meditations (e.g. Rainbow Relaxation).
Access to breathing tutorials
extensive reading material
Inspiring questions that lovingly clarify birth and needs

Connect with the feminine abilities and with your baby inside you

Through the relaxation and breathing techniques you will become more aware of your body. In addition, you will deepen your sensations through powerful visualisations and wonderful guided meditations. You will connect with your baby in a lasting way. You become a well-rehearsed birth team.


Mental and physical serenity for a self-determined birth

  • Train calmness and strength already during pregnancy
  • A stress-free and relaxed birth
  • Less fear and issues
  • Affirmations for strength and birth power
  • More intensive bonding with your baby
  • Loving teamwork
  • Also suitable for caesarean sections/abdominal births


Typical HypnoBirthing


Relaxation techniques: repetitive ways to self-hypnosis, a training to connect with the body feeling in a controlled way, to let the mind become smaller.

Breathing techniques: consciously using the power of breathing for relaxation and for the contractions of the uterus.

Visualisation: inner associations, images that support relaxation and the birth process.

Affirmations: positive beliefs, mantras, power phrases that can deepen the birth at a crucial point

Meditations: Listening to relaxing music with relaxing words on various topics.

Harnessing hormones: You will be able to skillfully control the release of beneficial birth hormones such as endophin (body’s own opiate) or oxytocin (bonding hormone that makes birth contractions work well).


With aha moments of breathing especially sustainable for the pelvic floor

I have made the experience that breathing has a targeted effect on certain parts of the body.
In this way I show you how the harmonious interplay between body language and breathing protects your pelvic floor and gives you natural perineal protection.


If you already want to work through a previous difficult birth, take a look at hypnosis around birth.
You are welcome to make an appointment with me for psychotherapy.

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