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Wellness massages for woman around giving birth in Berlin

My massages are deep letting go & soul nourishment for your body feeling

My massages focus on deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

It is important to me that the women who come to me experience a sense of security and a feeling of being held, which is why I consciously pay attention to the interaction of breathing and a beautiful space.

Before the treatment, we talk together to see what is happening on a physical and emotional level.

I massage the entire body holistically and pay particular attention to the areas of the body that have been discussed.


I specialize in women in the transitions of their lives in order to provide healing support during this special hormonal time.


Women live cyclically. Within a month and in the different chapters of their lives, which bring significant changes: physical – emotional – mental.

I also like to accompany these processes with my massages – the healing power of touch can dissolve blockages and gentle balance flows into well-being.


Massage time

  • Welcome & get to know each other over a cup of tea
  • 15 minutes preliminary talk about needs, wishes, life situation
  • in the cold season – preheated massage table
  • Ayuvedic sesame oil or almond oil
  • Essential oil for mental well-being if desired
  • Gentle, reduced sounds from my playlist for massage time
  • deep feeling of security
  • Cooperation with your breathing
  • deceleration
  • stress reduction
  • somatic coaching (perceiving feelings – security massage for anxiety, trauma, life changes and transitions in womanhood)
  • Regulation of the nervous system – vagus nerve stimulation
  • Releasing blockages – emotional – physical – mental


My hands – my soul

  • feel your body energy
  • hold you
  • smooth you out with awareness
  • accompany you
  • let you simply be
  • connect with positive energy
  • are highly sensitive


Express your love for yourself and let yourself be pampered

Price & conditions

60 minutes + 15 minutes preliminary talk // 90 € 90 minutes + 15 minutes preliminary talk // 125 €


An appointment is binding.

If an agreed appointment is canceled or postponed within 48 hours before the massage appointment, 100% of the costs will be charged.

Massage location

until 31.3. 2024 Fehrbelliner Straße 50, 10119 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

From 1.4. 2024 in the Kollwitzkiez

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