Wellness massages for women in Berlin

erholsame Schwangerschaftsmassage Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte

Before the massage we look together in a conversation, what shows up on a physical – mental level.
I massage holistically the entire body and go especially to the body regions that were discussed.
My massages have a regulating effect on the nervous system.
The massage table is pleasantly preheated in autumn / winter.
For the massages I use warm auyvedic sesame oil, if desired with the addition of mood-supporting essential oils.
In order for the effect of the massage to fully unfold, I recommend that you do not have a busy schedule in your calendar on the day of the massage.

In my practice rooms in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg /Mitte offer pregnancy massages, mommy massages, security massages, fertility massages and postpartum massages in my working area.

All massages are bookable in the calendar and available as gift vouchers.

Here you can already listen to my massage music.