Recharge with nourishing energy.

Time for yourself often comes too short in mommy life.
Let yourself be massaged by me as an experienced and understanding mother.
Relax deeply, let yourself be pampered, feel held.
The mommy massages are wonderful gift certificates to say thank you to other motherly women. (midwife, nurse, colleague)

Mommy massage 60 minutes 90 €
Mommy massage 90 minutes 125 €


time of pregnancy
3 x 60 minutes mommy massage 250 €



Postpartum period

Up to eight weeks after the birth you can be in the postpartum period and spend mainly time at home in the Babymoon.
I am happy to come to your home* and massage you to stimulate your regression and to relax your body-soul system (good for milk flow).


Postpartum massage in my Praxis 60 minutes 90 €

Postapartum massage at your home* 60 minutes 120 €
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*Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Mitte, Berlin Charlottenburg


Time of the postpartum
3 x 60 minutes postpartum – abdominal – postnatal massage 330 €
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