Vagusmassage – deep trust

Your body – soul system can drop deeply

Unique in Berlin.
The Vagusmassage is a deep, subtle and inner-soul nourishment.
Your body-soul-mind system is brought into balance and you can deeply relax in the feeling of being held.

With regular use you will become noticeably more relaxed in the face of everyday irritations, anxiety and depressive moods, your confidence will stabilize.
For women who long to fill up their inner nervous system and long to feel secure, full of inner trust.

If you are a woman in hormonal transitions (childbearing / menopause) let me know, so I can adjust my Vagusmassages and support your nervous system hormonal balancing.


Vagusmassage 90 minutes 135 €


Time of security
3 x 90 minutes 380 €