Welcome to the website of Franziska Olm.


I offer sensitive and practical HypnoBirthing courses in Berlin.

I am Lifecoach.

I accompany women in female life processes and support couples who are looking for a way to meet on a deep heartfelt level and appreciative communication.

Invest in your personal growth

My method:

Recognize: listen carefully – uncover problems, life issues, behavior patterns,

Sorting: Prioritize, name, old behavior patterns – where do I want to go, how do I want to be.

Transforming: affirming, aligning thoughts, inner images, aligning actions

Resolve: process through hypnosis, guided mediations,

Recharge: with hypnosis, energy work, affirmations, journaling

Nurture: ritualize and embed new life impulses/patterns/behaviors in everyday life

My vision

for women giving birth: a strong sense of self-worth through the birth experience
for women: a curious engagement with the process that wants to be walked through
for couples: regularly cultivated relationship work in the field of love