Time for a stress-free pregnancy
& method for a peaceful birth


What does HypnoBirthing mean?

HypnoBirthing is a sensitive and all-encompassing birth preparation programme.

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Aims of HypnoBirthing

Beneficially strengthen your self-awareness during pregnancy,
connect more deeply with your baby.
You will become more aware of your wishes and needs
better and learn to communicate them.
The power-sapping beliefs and assumptions about birth will be
is questioned and a new, proactive image emerges.

The aims is to reduce the use of painkillers and interventions.
are used less frequently
The woman learns to trust her body during the labour process, consciously reduces fears.

Imagine that you are one of the women who succeed,
break the cycle of “fear – tension – pain”
to break through,
you experience the birth more calmly,
experience it as a valuable life experience.

The stress for you and your baby is reduced.
This creates an affirming arrival for your baby.


HypnoBirthing method

Through sensual relaxation techniques of self-hypnosis
and breathing techniques, you will become
more attentively and be able to use
optimally for the birth.
You will deepen your trance-like sensations
through dreamlike visualisations
and guided meditations.
Fears are transformed with the help of affirmations
into a curious continuation.


HypnoBirthing Berlin Englisch

You control your body at the same time as you let go

If you are in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy
and feel stressed by your environment,
negatively impressed,
I recommend that you come to my HypnoBirthing courses.
Here, you can learn how to actively organise yourself in stressful situations,
actively bring yourself into moments of serenity when you feel insecure,
focus on yourself and your baby
and stay positively in touch with yourself.

You are already training your tools for the birth during pregnancy.


If you are in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy
you will surely realise that the birth is approaching.
I welcome you with all your fears and doubts
and accompany you through this phase in a very personal
and trusting way.
We will face questions and fears with courage,
I am at your side and help you to develop trust.
Together we will practise
Relaxing body and mind, staying calm,
no matter what is on the outside.

Become your own birth expert and check here the course dates