Franziska Olm – once an actress now a life coach

 HypnoBirthing Kurs Berlin
©Hella Kiss

1976 born and raised in Halle at the Saale river

seit 1996 living in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

1998-2002 acting studies at the University of Arts, Berlin – diploma
mother of two homebirth children (2006 & 2011)

2011 massage training at the Samuel-Hahnemann-School Berlin with alternative practitioner Stefan Braselmann

2010/ 2011 Education and certification as a course instructor for HypnoBirthing.

seit 2014 member of advanced training in health – humanity – and environmental education

loving married and living in a patchwork family with three children

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My vocation to prepare women for births began with the birth of my first son

It was a home birth.
It was not always in my mind to want to bring a child into the world at home.
I was influenced by my mother, by my environment. Originally, I had the hospital in mind as a place to give birth, because I myself was also born in a hospital.

By chance, my gynecologist introduced me to a midwife, his words were, “When I see you, you are a woman for home births.” – what was it that he saw in me?
A few days later, I met Annicke de Lamotte. Enchanted by her wise and luminous radiance, I went to her weekly yoga classes for pregnant women. I enjoyed this time. I was allowed to be pregnant among pregnant women and not as before in my life always young, sexy, naughty, wild, beautiful, listening to stage directions. Here I listened to my own body language, to my gut feeling….

A long journey opened up before me. A personality development. A development into a woman who decides for herself when she feels sick, when she needs time to rest, which energies she wants to let close to her and her baby.
The theater industry, the film industry have their own energies. These conflicted with the growing mother lion in me.
Also, my gut feeling decided that I felt most comfortable at home. Even if there is no midwife around me at the beginning.
Annicke de Lamotte came 50 minutes before my son was born. She felt my cervix and asked me, “Are you ready to conceive your baby? Cervix completely open.” I was surprised and surrendered to the birthing waves as I had for nearly 13 hours already…there he was. My first son, he made me a mother….

Berlin HypnoBirthing Geburt Kurs
©Philipp von Recklinghausen
…I told many women about our birth.
“You are the first woman who doesn’t tell a horror story.”
“I never wanted to have children because I am so afraid of childbirth, but now you have given me strength. “The circle is closed
As an actress, I learned to put myself in other situations, in different feelings. I have learned breathing techniques, learned to read body language, and in my hypnobirthing courses I can describe very well what is important during birth. I can read on the body of a pregnant woman whether she is letting go or not.Since I have worked with breathing for years in my profession as an actress, I can easily describe and even demonstrate to my HypnoBirthing course participants where breathing sits, how it can be used for a birth or even for other stormy situations in life.

I have made myself independent. My body now gives me the directions, my soul gives me the directions, my spirit gives me the directions.
Today I earn my money by making people directly happy, by listening, being there for them, by their side. Now, for some women, I am my Annick de Lamotte. They trust me and I say, “Trust yourself and your life. Trust your body. All wisdom is already inside you.”
The shine of the spotlight belongs to life itself, its multiplicity.

“You are the queen of childbearing.” my second midwife said to me after the birth of my second son.
She was in the room for a full eight minutes before my second son made me a mother with an even bigger heart.

Fall in line; be queens of birth, wombs, goddesses of birth, shining mothers full of awareness and feminine power. Birth is feminine!

We women are the creators of the world. We create peace through our love and devotion.

I am grateful for what I do, blessed when another HypnoBirthingbaby is born into this world. Thank you for the thanks you give me.
The shining eyes of the people I accompany rustle me more than the applause after a performance.

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