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Holistic practitioner in psychotherapy & actress

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Life – about me

In 1976, my mother gave birth to me for 24 hours in a clinic in Halle/Saale with a breech presentation.
I was shaped by kindergarten, school, music school (cello and music theory), orchestra, reunification, A-levels, theater, religion. I learned from friendships, relationships and break-ups.
In 1996 I moved to Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.
I am the proud mother of two homebirth babies (2006 & 2011). The first birth lasted 13.5 hours, was gentle and powerful. The second birth was a short 3.5 hours and was gradual at first, then stormy.

I am a loyal friend of long-standing friendships and a relationship person, where I want to feel safe and free. Open-minded, I always meet interesting people and at the same time I like to be alone.
I have been married since 2016 and live in a patchwork family.

In Human Design I am a projector.

I like sensuality, manifesting, dancing, writing, speaking and I love to make women experience that they can be kings of birth and life through feminine sensual devotion.
Everything is energy!

Praxis Franziska Olm about mePraxis Olm about me

I love to accompany people on their way into their unique self – I am fascinated by the interplay between consciousness and unconsciousness and especially the expression of body-language

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1998-2002 Acting studies at the University of the Arts, Berlin – Diploma

  • Feldenkrais (connection – body – psyche – anatomy)
  • Voice training (breath – voice – technique – expression)
  • Speech lessons – singing lessons (body – psyche – voice – expression)
  • Stick fighting
  • Fencing
  • Dance lessons
  • Acting – role work with hypnosis

since 2002 work as actress & speaker (voice acting)

2011 integrative massage training at the Samuel Hahnemann School Berlin with alternative practitioner Stefan Braselmann

2010/ 2011 Training and certification as a course for HypnoBirthing practitioner

Since 2013 work in own practice – studio

2021 Training and certification in hypnosis at the Christoph Mahr Institute

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Februarmann method according to M. Erickson

2021 – 2023 Training HP Psych Christoph Mahr Institute

2023 State-approved alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin)

2023 Further training in hypnosis for impulse control (smoking, weight loss, annoying habits)

2024 Further training in integrative psychotherapy


My working method “I see the people who come to me.”

The core of my work with people is that I work in the moment with absolute love and dedication, applying my knowledge and years of experience.
This creates trust and security.

Franziska Olm Praxis studio about me

I benefit from my various educations.
The expression of truthful, coherent being is just as important in the development of an actor’s character as the path to oneself in a therapeutic sense.

I work holistically and look at my clients in a non-judgemental way to see what their consciousness is telling me in conversation, what their body language or “slips of the tongue” are telling me, how their voice resonates.
There is no right or wrong in this field.
There is the energetic state of being in this moment full of respect.
I work with the conscious and the unconscious.

Energy and subtlety. I use different senses for the path to coherence and stimulate them so that the client can perceive themselves more sensitively.
In their body, in their being, in their thinking.
People who come to me can perceive themselves more sensitively and learn to trust that their unconscious is also working for their development.
Even unpleasant trigger situations can be understood in a therapeutic sense and accepted more easily. One way is to recognize these unpleasant situations, allow them, accept them and integrate them into one’s own image of being. This is the beginning of change and transformation.
This creates coherence, harmony through wholeness for the moment.

Expression in conversation and expression in the body become more truthful and the voice becomes more secure.
Expression and feeling change, flow and free themselves from deadlocks.

Creative people (music, stage, film, medicine, book industry, coaching people, self-employed people) often come to me.
That fits – probably because we all find development valuable.

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Membership & Professional Associations

Member of Calumed e.V. adult education for health – humanity – and environmental education

Member of the professional association of freelance alternative practitioners for psychotherapy

Member of the HypnoBirthing Society

Member of the GVL