Pregnancy massage Berlin

Pregnant women should regularly recharge themselves with the energy of secure well-being.

During pregnancy, the woman gives a lot of energy to the developmental processes of the baby.
What my pregnancy massage can do for you:

  • connect with your Baby
  • take the time to listen to yourself
  • feel like your Baby in your belly
  • feel safe, held
  • relax deeply
  • Balance the body – soul system
  • Hormonal support
  • Training of the body memory (protective experience, strength through relaxation)

Used regularly, my pregnancy massages can be seen as preparation for birth; the body learns to let go, as in the birth process.

Pregnancy massage / prenatal massage 60 minutes 90 €
Pregnancy massage / prenatal massage 90 minutes 125 €

Time of pregnancy
3 x 60 minutes prenatal massage 250 €
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The pregnancy massages are also available as gift Vouchers.