postpartum massage

Gentle massage after giving birth

postpartum massage

Postpartum massage – gently touch in a sensitive time – recover the mother

You can spend up to eight weeks after the birth at home in the postpartum – time with loveful family to settle in during the baby honeymoon.


Sensible time after birth – postpartum

You have just given birth and are processing the event.
You are constantly switched on for your baby and can hardly close your eyes for joy, on the other hand you feel that you want to sleep and rest a lot.
Feelings come and go, like a rollercoaster.

The postpartum period is a sensitive, very delicate time when your emotional mood and physical sensations change and express themselves clearly every day.
Everything is different.

I would be happy to come to your home* for a postpartum massage and touch you to stimulate your postnatal recovery and relax your body-mind system.

When a woman gives birth, she opens up not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

The postpartum period is about protecting and nourishing mother and child so that the postnatal process and the closing of the body can take place gently and smoothly.


Feel accompanied by me and my postpartum massage.


  • I gently massage you with a soothing Ayuvedic oil.
  • I am there for you
  • I hold you
  • You can feel your feelings; you can cry, let go, laugh
  • enjoy the silence.
  • Don’t have to do anything – just allow yourself to be


Postpartum massage offer

In my practice

60 minutes 90 €

at your home*

60 minutes 120 € *Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Mitte, Berlin Charlottenburg – incl. travel costs

Package – time of the puerperium

3 x 60 minutes postpartum massage 330 €