HypnoBirthing crashcourse – practice when due date comes closer and closer

Crashkurs HypnBirthing

Crashcourse – practice and refresh HypnoBirthing exercises in own way in English language

A crash course is possible if you are about to give birth to your baby and you feel

  • do not feel sufficiently prepared
  • are afraid of the birth
  • want to practise supportive breathing
  • or you would like to refresh your HypnoBirthing experience

Course content

I will focus on your needs. The crash course is a 2.5 hour personalized HypnoBirthing training and at the same time wonderfully relaxing.

We combine breathing with birth positions, practise relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and can strengthen you mentally.

I am very good at reading the body and can respond specifically to you.

With my You Tube channel you can continue practicing at home through guided meditations.

Course location

Your choice



Crash course single

1 x 2.5 hour 250 € + 19 % VAT) / each additional hour 90 € + 19 % VAT

Crash course with pregnant best friend

1 x 2.5 hours 210 € per person + 19% VAT

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Here you can find more information about HypnoBirthing and about  HypnoBirthing classes on English.