General terms and conditions



These terms and conditions apply to all my services in the context of seminars, lectures, courses, training, workshops, courses, coaching and massages (hereinafter referred to as “events”) for consumers, entrepreneurs and legal entities under public law. The inclusion of your own contractual conditions is expressly contradicted, unless I have agreed to their validity in writing. Further agreements than these are only binding if they are confirmed by me in writing. These terms and conditions also apply if I, in the knowledge of conflicting or deviating from these terms and conditions on your part, perform the service to you without reservation. In these cases, the acceptance of the services by you as an acceptance of these terms and conditions with simultaneous and hereby accepted in advance waiver of the validity of your own terms and conditions.


You can register in writing via online form and by mail for my courses, massages and offers. You can register for my massages by phone. After a massage registration by phone, I will send you a confirmation of the appointment by SMS. With this SMS a contract is concluded between you and me. Your registration for an event is a binding offer for me to conclude a contract. A contract is only concluded by my confirmation of your registration. This confirmation will be sent via email within one week after receipt of your registration. If you do not receive this email, it has probably been lost. Please contact me immediately by phone. If a course is held without you receiving an order confirmation beforehand, the contract comes into effect with the start of the execution of the event.


Which services are contractually agreed, results from the service description of the respective event on my website. The information contained in the event description is binding.


The prices published at the time of booking apply. All prices for events aimed at consumers are final prices. Unless otherwise agreed, the fee will be paid in advance by bank transfer. A registration fee of 150 Euros is due immediately upon registration. If the registration fee has not been paid up to and including 8 days before the start of the course, I am entitled to exclude you from participating in the event. The rest of the course fee will be paid upon receipt of the total invoice. The invoice, which will be sent by mail and or by letter from Franziska Olm-Kowalski to the consumer in the course of the chosen course time, should be paid at the latest 7 days after receiving it. ( here the day of the reception on the indicated account is valid). If at the time of registration you wish to pay the total cost of the course immediately, this is possible. I will send you the total invoice upon receipt of your registration.


The right of withdrawal for events is limited within the scope of legal possibilities, as these are services that must be provided within a precisely specified period of time. I grant you a right of withdrawal until 8 calendar days before the start of the event. If you make use of this right of withdrawal, a cancellation fee in the amount of the deposit to be paid will be due. If the deposit has already been paid, I will keep it. If the deposit has not been paid before your cancellation, I will send you an invoice which is due within 7 days after receipt. For cancellations made after the 7th calendar day before the start of the event, the full event price must be paid. The cancellation must be made in writing (e.g. letter or e-mail). A cancellation or rescheduling free of charge is possible for individual sessions until 2 working days before the event at the latest, after that the fee of 90% is due. You are entitled at any time to prove that the instructor has not suffered any damage or that the damage is significantly less than the flat fee.

I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event due to low demand or low number of participants (at least 7 days before the scheduled event date) or for other important reasons beyond our control (e.g. sudden illness of the speaker, force majeure). Ich werde dich selbstverständlich unverzüglich hierüber informieren. Weitergehende Haftungs- und Schadenersatzansprüche, die nicht die Verletzung von Leben, Körper oder Gesundheit betreffen, sind, soweit nicht Vorsatz oder grobe Fahrlässigkeit unsererseits vorliegt, ausgeschlossen. Bitte beachte dies auch bei deiner Buchung von Flug- oder Bahntickets.


By booking, participants agree to the following conditions of participation: I am aware that I am participating on my own responsibility. ” Franziska Olm-all-around HypnoBirthing”‘ events (courses, coaching and massages) are not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. Serious physical and psychological illnesses must be communicated to the event management already before booking the event.


I reserve the right to refuse an event booking without giving reasons. In this case, any event fees already paid will be refunded in full. Participants who repeatedly disrupt the course of the event and the group dynamics, misuse the event to recruit people or sell third-party products can be excluded by me. In this case, the full event price must still be paid.


The event materials are protected by copyright. Any video and audio recordings, duplication of event documents as well as their transfer to third parties or other use is only permitted with our prior written consent. Any publication, even in part, is prohibited and may be prosecuted. During events, audio recordings are sometimes made by Franziska Olm or by a person authorized to do so. These recordings are only made if a course participant is absent from an event in order to allow him/her to “catch up” on the missed unit. The recording is only used for this purpose and is protected from outside access. By participating in the event, you grant permission to do so. You have the right to object to this permission in advance and will always be asked before recording.


For the correctness, timeliness and completeness of the event content, the event documents and the achievement of the respective goal of the participant I assume no liability. Nor for any consequential damages, which should arise from incorrect and / or incomplete event content. Basically, our liability is limited to intent, gross negligence and the violation of essential contractual obligations, whereby it must be typical, foreseeable damage at an event. You bear full responsibility for yourself and your actions inside and outside of the individual or group sessions and are responsible for any damages caused or suffered. I, Franziska Olm-Kowalski act responsibly and with due caution. Dennoch kann ich nicht in dich „hineinsehen”. You are therefore responsible for informing the course instructor in good time of any limits to your ability to cope with stress. The information and advice given in the courses and individual sessions as well as in all documentation have been carefully considered and checked by the course instructor. But it is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. The purpose is to promote a broad understanding and knowledge of how to promote a natural, more comfortable and positive birth experience. The information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider about any questions you have about a medical condition or treatment and before beginning a new health care regimen, and never ignore professional medical advice or delay medical consultation based on information you have through Franziska Olm-Kowalski. Reliance on the information given is solely at your own risk. If you have physical ailments, problems, or doubts about them, talk to your attending physician or midwife beforehand. Franziska Olm-Kowalski proceeds with the best of her conscience. However, wherever people are involved, there may be errors or misinterpretations of the information. Therefore, all information given by third parties should always be checked by yourself. The courses are based on cooperation and mutual trust. In this context I would like to point out that a good birth preparation, including HypnoBirthing, is ultimately a free, active and self-responsible process and certain successes cannot be guaranteed and are not owed. The course instructor is at your side as a process guide and supporter in learning the techniques – the actual work is done by you. You should therefore be willing and open to deal with yourself and your situation. Shipping or electronic transmission of any data is at the client’s risk.


I am not subject to any legal duty of confidentiality, but voluntarily undertake to maintain absolute silence about all private and personal statements or occurrences at our events and not to disclose any personal details that become known in the course of participation in the events. Furthermore, Franziska Olm-Kowalski undertakes to carefully store the documents provided for the purpose of consulting and to protect them against inspection by third parties. Should the client release birth stories for publication, the waiver of confidentiality applies exclusively to the released data. You also voluntarily agree to keep confidential all private statements and personal details of other participants.


Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this contract. You agree to replace any invalid or void provisions with new provisions that reflect the economic content of the invalid or void provisions in a legally permissible manner. The same shall apply if an unplanned loophole is found in the contract which needs to be filled. In order to fill the gap, the parties undertake to work towards the establishment of appropriate regulation in this contract, which comes closest to what the contracting parties would have determined according to the meaning and purpose of the contract, if the point had been considered by them.


The exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties for all disputes arising from this contract is the city of Berlin. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.


The warranty and liability, both to you and to third parties is excluded.
Franciska Olm-Kowalski, or Franziska Olm-rundum HypnoBirthing, is not liable for incorrectly prepared documents, either to the client or to third parties.

Date, 01.12.2019