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Here I offer the HypnoBirthing birth preparation in English Language in one-on-one sessions for people in Berlin.

Included in the course
+ original birth preparation according to M.F.Mongan PLUS individuel views on your realities ( e.g. hospital, alternative birth locations, midwife, long distance to the place of birth )
+ original rainbowrelaxation and affirmations on mp3
+ your personal affirmations for your birth
+ skript for self research homeworks
+ links to powerful birth films and pics
+ PLUS important for the time after birth, organized weekbed, breastfeed, sustainable and useful baby equipment, tips for dealing with your baby

by individuel arrangement

course price
1190 € (19% tax included) ( at the Berlin inner ring of S-Bahn) live at your home

1050 € ( 19% tax included) Zoom

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HypnoBirthing Berlin-Franziska Olm