HypnoBirthing Women’s Courses

Here we women are among ourselves and that is good.
In a trusting atmosphere, all moving topics have their space. We show ourselves with all our wounds, hopes, dreams and fears. Female emotional and physical gifts are increasingly perceived.
I understand us as a sisterhood, as a union of female energy. We can all learn from each other out of the fullness and power of our wombs. Viva la donna.
The content of the birth preparation is the same as in the couples course – with greater focus on the topic of self-hypnosis.

HypnoBirthing women’s course
12 hours / 4 meetings á 3 hours / 340 € + 19 % VAT
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Women’s circles
2,5 hours drop in 30 € / subscription
For pregnant women & mothers
Regular meetings for exchange, inspiration and relaxation.
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What you learn in the HypnoBirthinkurse – scroll down

This is what you learn…

You learn to trust your body, to admire it and to admire yourself in your nature + You learn how to change your fears into knowledge, you learn to relax + you learn to read your body and follow your body + you learn to use your breathing power + you learn to put yourself into self-hypnosis + you learn to know your desires + you learn to express your desires + you learn to respond to your needs in pregnancy and birth You learn to be in connection with your baby and yourself + You learn to take time for yourself + You learn to know the birth process + You learn to know your personal best birth positions + You learn to surrender

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HypnoBirthing Franziska Olm

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