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The HypnoBirthing group courses in Berlin take place in presence form.
In the birth preparation HypnoBirthing is important to me that we come together in small groups.
A birth is an intimate act and the birth preparation should also be that.
Questions can be asked in a familiar atmosphere. There are no dumb questions!

I have structured my HypnoBirthing courses through my many years of experience in such a way that there are significantly more practical exercises than are included in the conventional HypnoBirthing variant.

At each course meeting there is theory & practice, as well as practice exercises to do at home.

In the HypnoBirthing group course for couples, I have provided a small part of Girlstalk, which is a “normal state” in the HypnoBirthing women’s courses; being among us women.
For 30 minutes, only we women get together and talk among ourselves, while the men buy their wives a delicious “coffee” or snack in the surrounding cafes and bakeries, while having time to share themselves.
(If the partner is a woman, she can of course also participate in Girlstalk).
Topics of Girlstalk are: “How does my baby get through my vagina?” / perineal protection / perineal massage / pelvic floor skills.

In my HypnoBirthing class, you as a couple will discover your personal way of sensitive communication for birth, strengthen your teamwork skills, and meet the needs of pregnant women through respectful interaction.


HypnoBirthing for couples
12 Hours / 4 appointments  each 3 hours + handouts +  Audiomeditationen
early bird / 21. before first appointment  / 390 € + 19 % MwSt
slow bird / 20 – 0 before first appointment / 440 € + 19% MwSt


friday, noon – 3:00 p.m.
10.3. + 17.3.+24.3. + 31.3 2023